Sue Son`s friendship, bad to worse

Lovely Sue Son

Lovely Sue Son

Violin sensation Sue Son says Britain’s Got Talent Judge Simon Cowell has RUINED her greatest friendship.

Simon Cowell viewed Sue Son and her friend Janice.  He rejected the less photogenic one, telling Sue to come back and perform alone.

What with her even face, short skirt and raw fanciability Sue could be Cowell’s Vanessa Mae. And Sue returned – alone – to play a tune Vanessa Mae made her own.

The girls’ families “are now embroiled in a feud… Things have become so bad that there’s even been angry phone calls in the middle of the night..”

Says Sue:    “After that first audition Janine said that she would have done exactly the same thing if she was me.”

Albeit with a less even face and a keyboard.

“I thought everything was fine. Later she admitted she was devastated.”

Friend rejected by friend in TV show feels upset – shocker!

“I thought she would be a true friend and support me but she’s been ignoring my calls and has blocked me on Facebook.

She even called my mum the other day in Korea at 3am, telling her I’d betrayed her. I can’t believe she would do that – contacting my mum at three in the morning talking about how I’d betrayed her. It’s awful.”