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sue son

sue son

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I am afriad the news of Sue Son is quite at the moment so only a little update thats much of the same I am afriad

Twelve million viewers saw the classically trained pair called Addicted panned by the judges last night-then Sue accepting their invitation to do a solo audition.

But Sue, who was voted through to the next round on her own, says pianist Janine has now ditched her as a friend.

The pair haven’t spoken to each other since Sue phoned Janine, 23, to tell her how well she had done in the solo audition.

Sue, 24, said: “I thought Janine would support me but now she won’t take my calls.

“She’s even banned me from her Facebook page, which has all our photos together on it.

“It has really hurt me but I know I made the right choice.”

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