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WOW – Sue Son bad news

I cant belive it, what a hard group as well

here is Sue Son`s performance tonight on Britains Got Talent

I really though she would go through.  Sue Son if you read this ever please know our harts go out to you because you are amazing.

I really do not understand where Simon Cowell was coming from although I don`t think it was the best song to show off your amazing talent.

Sue Son I would also like to ask if you ever read this site please get contact me asap as someone would like for you to perform for a major function in london and I would like to pass on the contact details

For all the people not in the UK I hope the like link worked.

Also a final note – it`s a bank holiday weekend in the UK and as i write I have more than a bit to drink so please excuse any spelling / grammar I will update the site in the morning đŸ™‚

I really am sure this is not the end for Sue and I am sure we will be seeing her in the near future and if anyone has any information please let me know

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