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Sue Son and Vanessa Mae

Sue Son and Vanessa Mae

just a little update , I managed to find the Sue Son and Vanessa Mae clip, I hope you enjoy

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WOW – Sue Son bad news

I cant belive it, what a hard group as well

here is Sue Son`s performance tonight on Britains Got Talent

I really though she would go through.  Sue Son if you read this ever please know our harts go out to you because you are amazing.

I really do not understand where Simon Cowell was coming from although I don`t think it was the best song to show off your amazing talent.

Sue Son I would also like to ask if you ever read this site please get contact me asap as someone would like for you to perform for a major function in london and I would like to pass on the contact details

For all the people not in the UK I hope the like link worked.

Also a final note – it`s a bank holiday weekend in the UK and as i write I have more than a bit to drink so please excuse any spelling / grammar I will update the site in the morning 🙂

I really am sure this is not the end for Sue and I am sure we will be seeing her in the near future and if anyone has any information please let me know

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Sue Son`s friendship, bad to worse

Lovely Sue Son

Lovely Sue Son

Violin sensation Sue Son says Britain’s Got Talent Judge Simon Cowell has RUINED her greatest friendship.

Simon Cowell viewed Sue Son and her friend Janice.  He rejected the less photogenic one, telling Sue to come back and perform alone.

What with her even face, short skirt and raw fanciability Sue could be Cowell’s Vanessa Mae. And Sue returned – alone – to play a tune Vanessa Mae made her own.

The girls’ families “are now embroiled in a feud… Things have become so bad that there’s even been angry phone calls in the middle of the night..”

Says Sue:    “After that first audition Janine said that she would have done exactly the same thing if she was me.”

Albeit with a less even face and a keyboard.

“I thought everything was fine. Later she admitted she was devastated.”

Friend rejected by friend in TV show feels upset – shocker!

“I thought she would be a true friend and support me but she’s been ignoring my calls and has blocked me on Facebook.

She even called my mum the other day in Korea at 3am, telling her I’d betrayed her. I can’t believe she would do that – contacting my mum at three in the morning talking about how I’d betrayed her. It’s awful.”

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Sue Son loses best friend

Sue Son

Sue Son

Sue Son loses friend The violinist who stormed into the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent has told how she fell out with her best friend after Simon Cowell told her to go solo.

Sue Son admitted: ‘I got some great compliments from the judges. But at the end of the day I lost my best friend.’

Sue started her audition for last night’s episode of the ITV show alongside Janine Khalil as part of their classical music act Addicted.

But the pair were buzzed off stage at the Birmingham audition. Then in dramatic scenes the judges invited Sue, 23, back to try again on her own.

Going solo: Sue Son, right, auditions for the show

Her second appearance came four days later at a London audition, and Sue’s version of Vanessa Mae’s Storm had a rapturous response from the panel of Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan.

When Cowell asked if the two friends had fallen out, Sue said: ‘Of course not, we’re still the best of friends.’ But yesterday she admitted Janine wasn’t talking to her.

‘She’s taken me off her Facebook friends,’ said Sue. ‘I think Janine was upset I didn’t tell her before that I was going back for a second chance.’

Sue told her friend she could not go back to Birmingham for the audition, but then ITV’s researchers offered a chance to audition in London. ‘Instead of seeing her first, and telling her, I had to do it on the phone,’ Sue said. ‘I realised from my other friends she was really hurt.’

Sue and Janine met at the Purcell School, a boarding school specialising in music. They both went on to study for degrees at the Royal College of Music.

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