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WOW – Sue Son bad news

I cant belive it, what a hard group as well

here is Sue Son`s performance tonight on Britains Got Talent

I really though she would go through.  Sue Son if you read this ever please know our harts go out to you because you are amazing.

I really do not understand where Simon Cowell was coming from although I don`t think it was the best song to show off your amazing talent.

Sue Son I would also like to ask if you ever read this site please get contact me asap as someone would like for you to perform for a major function in london and I would like to pass on the contact details

For all the people not in the UK I hope the like link worked.

Also a final note – it`s a bank holiday weekend in the UK and as i write I have more than a bit to drink so please excuse any spelling / grammar I will update the site in the morning 🙂

I really am sure this is not the end for Sue and I am sure we will be seeing her in the near future and if anyone has any information please let me know

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Final 40 Britains Got Talent 2009 – The Final Results

OK, so we now know who the top 40 acts are who will compete in the LIVE Semi-Finals.

Only 10 acts can make it through to the Grand Final.

Below is the full top 40 list of acts who will perform over the 5 LIVE Semi-Final’s – 8 acts will perform each night:

Aidan Davis – Dancer

Ben and Becky – Ballroom Dancers

Brit Chix – Rock Band

Callum Francis – Musical Theatre

Darth Jackson – Michael Jackson/ Darth Vader Impersonator

DCD Seniors – Dance Troupe

Diversity – Street Dancers

DJ Talent – Rapper

Dream Bears- Comedy Dancers

Fabia Cerra – Burlesque Dancer

Faces of Disco – Comedy Dancers

Flawless – Street Dancers

Floral High Notes – Flower Arranging and Opera Singing

Fred Bowers – Breakdancer

Gareth Oliver – Comedy Impersonator

Good Evans – Family Singing Group

Greg Pritchard – Male Soprano

Harmony – Musical Theatre

Hollie Steel – Singer/ Dancer

Hot Honeyz – Dancers

Jackie Prescott and Tippy Toes – Dog Act

Jamie Pugh – Singer

Julia Naidenko – Belly Dancer

Julian Smith – Saxophonist

Kay Oresanya – The Living Saxophone

Luke Clements – Juggler/ Street Performer

Mama Trish – Drag Act

Martin Machum – Guitarist

MD Showgroup – Dancers

Merlin Cadogan – Physical Performer

Natalie Okri – Singer

Nick Hell – Street Performer

Shaheen Jafargholi – Singer

Shaun Smith – Singer

Stavros Flatly – Comedy Dancers

Sue Son – Violinist

Sugarfree – Street Dancers

The Barrow Boys – Wheelbarrow Dancing

2 Grand – Singers.

Two acts from each of the live shows will go through to perform in the Final. The act with the highest number of public votes goes through to the final automatically, with the second and third-placed performers vying for the crucial judges’ choice

Tomorrow nights Semi-Final line up to perform along with Susan is :

Darth Jackson – Michael Jackson/ Darth Vader Impersonator

Diversity – Street Dancers

Faces of Disco – Comedy Dancers

Julia Naidenko – Belly Dancer

Natalie Okri – Singer

Nick Hell – Street Performer

Sue Son – Violinist

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sue son

sue son

I can see from the server logs lots of people from China visiting the site – Hi  and hope you like it 🙂

I have tried to add a language converter for Chinese but so far it does not appear to work – please bare with me i will fix it asap.

I am afriad the news of Sue Son is quite at the moment so only a little update thats much of the same I am afriad

Twelve million viewers saw the classically trained pair called Addicted panned by the judges last night-then Sue accepting their invitation to do a solo audition.

But Sue, who was voted through to the next round on her own, says pianist Janine has now ditched her as a friend.

The pair haven’t spoken to each other since Sue phoned Janine, 23, to tell her how well she had done in the solo audition.

Sue, 24, said: “I thought Janine would support me but now she won’t take my calls.

“She’s even banned me from her Facebook page, which has all our photos together on it.

“It has really hurt me but I know I made the right choice.”

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Sue Son loses best friend

Sue Son

Sue Son

Sue Son loses friend The violinist who stormed into the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent has told how she fell out with her best friend after Simon Cowell told her to go solo.

Sue Son admitted: ‘I got some great compliments from the judges. But at the end of the day I lost my best friend.’

Sue started her audition for last night’s episode of the ITV show alongside Janine Khalil as part of their classical music act Addicted.

But the pair were buzzed off stage at the Birmingham audition. Then in dramatic scenes the judges invited Sue, 23, back to try again on her own.

Going solo: Sue Son, right, auditions for the show

Her second appearance came four days later at a London audition, and Sue’s version of Vanessa Mae’s Storm had a rapturous response from the panel of Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan.

When Cowell asked if the two friends had fallen out, Sue said: ‘Of course not, we’re still the best of friends.’ But yesterday she admitted Janine wasn’t talking to her.

‘She’s taken me off her Facebook friends,’ said Sue. ‘I think Janine was upset I didn’t tell her before that I was going back for a second chance.’

Sue told her friend she could not go back to Birmingham for the audition, but then ITV’s researchers offered a chance to audition in London. ‘Instead of seeing her first, and telling her, I had to do it on the phone,’ Sue said. ‘I realised from my other friends she was really hurt.’

Sue and Janine met at the Purcell School, a boarding school specialising in music. They both went on to study for degrees at the Royal College of Music.

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Phenomenal Sue Son

Britain’s Got Talent violinist Sue Son told last night how she has been DISOWNED by the best friend she ditched for fame.

Ambitious Sue, 24, took Simon Cowell’s advice to abandon pianist Janine Khalil and return as a soloist on last night’s show, without telling her partner.

Janine, 23, is now ignoring her calls and has even “de-friended” her on Facebook, says Sue.

So Sue has called an end to their seven-year friendship – and blames Janine.

She said: “If she was really my true friend she could call me and say well done and support me.”

But Janine’s mum has hit back, saying her daughter feels “let down and humiliated”.

Sandra Khalil, from Pinner, Middlesex, said: “Janine did not want to go on the show but this was always Sue’s dream and Sue twisted her arm. Janine is not that bothered about fame.

“Janine has a first class degree and is doing a Masters at the Royal College of Music. Sue didn’t get in to the Royal College of Music.

“Janine also helped Sue loads with her degree and I think she feels a bit let down and humiliated about what’s happened.”

They performed as piano and violin double act Addicted but were buzzed off as they performed their “semi-classical” song Chosen, penned by Janine.

When Sue came back alone she got a standing ovation for her performance of Vanessa Mae’s Storm and breezed in to the next round.

Sue said: “When I told Janine I got through, she said ‘Congratulations’ but I felt she wasn’t being sincere and was thinking I wasn’t her true friend.

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“But friendship is a two-way thing and I can’t keep trying to contact her. If she was my real friend she would support me.”

About 13 million viewers watched last night as Simon Cowell called the girls “dreary and indulgent”.

Then viewers were stunned as he told Sue: “We think you are really good but none of us think the act is good. Will you come back on your own tomorrow?”

Sue now fears the cost of her decision is losing her best friend.

She said: “I know Janine is really hurt by the fact that I went back on the show on my own without telling her.

“She’s been ignoring my calls and even de-friended me on Facebook.” The pair had been inseparable since meeting at music school aged 17, and South Korean-born Sue said she will miss Janine’s support as the show goes on.

She said: “We were shocked at being rejected in the audition. I know she’s still devastated.

“It was my idea to go on the show because this has always been my dream. I think Simon Cowell saw that and that’s why he called me back.

“I hope our friendship will recover and she will forgive me.

“And I just hope she can be happy for me. We told each other everything and I don’t want to lose her as a friend.

“But if I had to decide again, I’d do the same thing. It’s too good an opportunity to miss.”

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